PROTON 12V 255AH Lead Carbon Battery

PROTON 12V 255AH Lead Carbon Battery


✅️Lead carbon battery is our new battery product.

✅️lead carbon has so many advantages over lead acid battery.

✅️PROTON carbon battery is designed for longevity, durability and with long service life

✅️Charges very fast and does not sulfate,


1) Excellent PSoC cyclic performance 2050 cycles @ 50% DoD

2) Design life 12+ years at 20°C (68°F)

3) Superfast recharge

4) Increases power and reduced sulfation

5) Premium 3 stage terminal design to ensure spill-proof technology

6) Female M8 brass terminals for greatest performance

7) Non-halogenated, thermally sealed PPOI plastic casing and cover

8) Flame retardant (UL 94 VO) and LOI of at least 28%

9) Front access terminal design for ease of installation and maintenance

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